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Real Estate Lawyers in Barcelona

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Real Estate Lawyers in Barcelona

Practice Areas

Condominium association

At Heura Advocades we are expert lawyers in statutes and community rules, intervention in owners' meetings, claims against debtors,...

Urban leases

At Heura Advocades we are community lawyers specialized in the drafting and negotiation of lease contracts, eviction for non-payment, claim for unknown works,...

Sale of real estate

At Heura Advocades we are expert lawyers in advice for the sale of real estate, dissolution of condominiums, tax advice, guidance for foreign clients,...

Condominium association lawyers in Barcelona

A condominium association should be understood as the group of owners of the different floors, premises and parking spaces of a building under a horizontal property regime.

These owners are also co-owners of a series of common elements of the building (terraces, gardens, stairs, etc.) that in turn can be for community or private use.

The constituent title of the community of owners is a document that must appear in a public deed, which is registered in the Property Registry, and which, in any case, must contain certain information.

Urban leasing lawyers in Barcelona

The rental of housing is that rent or lease that falls on a habitable building whose primary destination is to satisfy the permanent housing need of the tenant.

To formalize a housing rental, the parties may reciprocally compel the execution of the lease in writing.

The real estate management and contract formalization expenses will be borne by the lessor, when he is a legal entity.

The lease of a business premises is a lease of an urban property for use other than housing.

It is a lease to carry out an industrial, commercial, artisan, professional, recreational, welfare, cultural or educational activity.

The business premises lease contract is governed by the will of the parties and the agreements between the lessor and the tenant; failing that, by the Urban Leasing Law (LAU); and, additionally, by the provisions of the Civil Code.

Abogados de arrendamientos urbanos​

Excellent Real Estate Lawyers in Barcelona

Abogados de compraventa de bienes inmuebles​

When a person wants to carry out a home sale it is necessary that they have the appropriate legal information to save them from possible problems and allow them to achieve complete satisfaction.

The sale of a home is a contract by which the seller agrees to deliver a specific home and the buyer to pay a certain price in money for it.

The deposit or signal contract is a written commitment by which the buyer reserves a right over the purchase of the home in exchange for an amount of money on account of the total price and the seller undertakes in the conditions agreed to deliver the home to the buyer.

The minimum information of the deposit contract is:

  • The personal data of the selling party and the buying party.
  • The identification and description of the home.
  • The final price of the sale and the form of payment.
  • The amount of money of the deposit or signal.
  • The maximum term to formalize the sale contract.
  • The commitment to formalize the contract of sale in public deed.
  • The distribution of the possible expenses of the home sale.
  • The signature of the selling party and the buying party.
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